Thoughts on Simulation

This week at STOR-i was taken up by a visitor from the other side of the pond who delivered the first masterclass of the year to the MRes students. The topic was on ‘Simulation’ and was given by Barry Nelson from NorthWestern University, who also helps to supervise Lucy Morgan’s PhD.

The masterclass was lasted all 5 working days of the week, essentially following the same pattern. We had a three hours of lectures in the morning, before going on to do try and implement some of the content ourselves in R in the afternoon.

I found some of the content quite interesting, particularly areas such as discrete-event programming and input modelling. Barry was an engaging speaker and managed to hold my attention even when the content seemed to being going over my head! It was also fun to see how software companies had implemented the results of his and his students work into their commercial products.

Despite the short amount of time it felt like we got through a lot of material. Even so, the field of simulation is pretty big and there were lots of topics that we didn’t have time to talk about.


Some of the stuff we did/didn’t do!


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